Futures Trading Online Courses, Track Record Means Value for Money?

When you decide to trade any market it is highly advisable to get the best trading tools available like charting software, strategy, trading system, live market scanning feed, email alerts and most of all a proven methodology of a successful company or trader with a good track record. In this blog I want to draw your attention specifically to Futures trading online courses…Trading futures is a smart idea…Well, not only because you can use futures contracts to hedge against future price decrease when you want to lock in a buying price for your wheat or whatever you produce…   but rather, I am talking about speculating on the price movement of an underlying asset, commodity or other instrument in the futures markets.

Clearly from all major markets and trading instruments the Futures market is one of the best choice to day trading. Brokerages love this market so they offer great deals and incentives on leveraged trading accounts and often have very low margin or deposit requirement or at least somewhat lower than other markets.I have recently reviewed a truly remarkable trading course, content, price and excellent system.

I am an ex-broker and certified financial adviser (not active now) and often sift through trading education providers to look for valuable courses and useful strategies and trading systems. I am an active day trader as well. When you search for market education you literally come across lots of total rubbish or “lies.”

One course that I have found absolutely amazing both for price and system is that of a California based proprietary trading firm, founded by day trading and technical analysis expert Dr B Burns. I took two of his courses because his copyright protected trading strategy and methodology had been proven to make millions of dollars of profit. It’s suggested to start with forex demo account before  you move to real trading.

He himself as the Chief Trader and his expert team have been trading this method  for decades. They also offer online personal mentoring, that is, you can co-trade with one of his traders on the internet.

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About Me – Day Trading The Stock Market

Hello everyone, I am Attila Olah and although I am Hungarian I live in the UK. This is because I obtained my certificate in stock market trading in London, the second most important financial capital of the world. Later I moved to Scotland where life is a lot more livable, no commute, smog …peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, exactly the way I like it.

On a personal note you would not be the first person to call me “…,The Hun.” In my country of origin it is a very common name, those Hungarians like their traditions. My ancestors back in 895 AD were pretty rough people, they attacked the Roman Empire from the east eventually causing its downfall. Well, although historians credit the Huns …the truth is that it was already crumbling.

Why this historic reference? As I mentioned on my Home Page, I am not Wikipedia… however this has some relevance to what I am trying to get at here. To overthrow the Roman Empire would have been quite an achievement because “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”Nor will anyone become a successful trader, day trader or investor fast and effortlessly.

Why do you think there are so many “get-rich-quick” scams? They pay off… Contrary to that, here is what brokers used to say: You don`t need to get rich quickly… as long as you get rich. Now on to me…

The reason I set up this site was to help folks like yourself become successful in the markets and gain some practical understanding about this industry first hand. All sorts of rumours abound.

I am going to share some personal experiences with you so that you don`t have to go through my long and often painful path of trial and error while I was learning trading. I bought a lot of “lies” too and they cost me dear. Tried all sorts of fancy indicators ( back tested quite a few), also some strategies and also signed up with a number of so called gurus. And not all of them were bad at all… Some were good value and some were just totally unnecessary. Unfortunately everything is expensive in this business, all sorts of courses are on offer with the big question mark whether they will deliver or not. Then there are the tricks of brokers and brokerage firms while you are trading and I could go on and on…

The bottom line is that you don’t just need expert advice, experience and solid foundations by trading education to succeed…you really need it!

I love feedback so please feel free to communicate with me, depending on the volume of inquires of course, I hope I can get back to you in timely manner.